Caffeine Content of Cannonball Coffee

We had some samples of Maximum Charge and Brew Bags lab-tested for caffeine content. Science has confirmed that Maxim...

Tiramisu Chocolate Pancakes

Looking for some inspiration this pancake day? Or need a way to get more coffee into your breakfast? Well look no further than this high protein tiramisu flavoured treat from our buddy Elliott. This recipe captures the taste of tiramisu without losing the beauty of the pancake stack. It includes coffee, cocoa and cream cheese and is seriously 😋😋😋

Chocolate Cappuccinoats

Get even more coffee into your veins with this quick and easy high protein breakfast recipe. Featuring chocolate and coffee, what is not to love?!

Coffee: Your perfect pre-workout drink

Is coffee before a workout good for you? Is it just a case of chugging as much caffeine as possible? How much would y...

Building Mental Resilience

Philosophy gets a bad rep. But we can learn a lot from Stoicism and Buddhism that can help us in everyday life. Find out how to improve your mental resilience in this guest post by Christian Scott.

Should You Go All Out In Every Training Session

Top Cannonballer Jordan Cave takes a look at fundamental principles of training and answers the age old question - should I max out every session?

Protein Bread & Butter Pudding

Try this protein packed bread and butter pudding recipe for a delicious breakfast or a healthy dessert

Protein Mocha Recipe

Hit your macronutrient goals with this delicious high protein coffee recipe

The New Roastery

Join us behind the scenes and see the brand new roastery where our coffee is crafted

Top 10 Strongest Coffees

We've placed #2 in this latest top 10 list of the best strong coffees in the world. Find out more here.

Top Tips for Mobile Hips

Improving your hip mobility and strength can unlock a whole host of performance benefits. In this guest blog, Yoga & Pilates instructor Cheryl Williams provides some practical advice on building strong hips.

Protein Pancake Recipe

Check out this healthy high protein pancake recipe for pancake day. They go so well with a cup of Cannonball to set you up for the day
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