How to avoid back pain

Have you ever wanted to improve your posture, or reduce your risk of getting a bad back? Top Cannonballer and Chiropractor Aidan Robinson shares his advice on avoiding posture related injuries.


What you do after waking up each morning can set you up for success, or contribute to chaotic day where you achieve nothing. Creating a really powerful morning routine is actually easier than you may have thought. And it doesn’t need to involve getting up at 4.30am, chanting or drinking weird potions. This article runs through what a morning routine is, why they are beneficial, and give some pointers on how to own your morning.   

Coffee Strength Numbers

Does strength 5 mean a coffee is strong? Does strength mean roast profile or caffeine content? Find out here

Is There Mould in Coffee: The Truth About Mycotoxins

Have you heard the one about mycotoxins in coffee? Apparently they can cause brain fog and inflammation. And some charlatans are using this as an excuse to sell very expensive coffee that is ‘mycotoxin free’. We decided to take a deeper look at this subject. What are mycotoxins and should you be worried about them?  Spoiler alert: it is mostly nonsense.

Staying Healthy During Lockdown

Guest contributor Tom Eastham gives us 8 simple tips we can all follow to stay healthy during this crazy time. He also introduces the Minimal Fitness Method – a concept based around removing complexity & clutter to help establish good long-term habits. If you're interested in health and welling being this is a must read.  

Have you been using a cafetiere wrong all this time?

Here is our favourite method for getting amazing results with a Cafetiere (French Press)

5 Ways Coffee Can Fuel Physical Performance

A strong cup of coffee might be the perfect pre-workout drink to fuel your performance in the gym. Here a the top five reasons why you should drink coffee before you workout. 

Home Workout Ideas

Covid-19 means we're all grounded and gyms are closed. But this doesn't mean you can't keep on top of your fitness. I've put together a few resources for great home workout ideas and inspiration.

Review of Maximum Charge by Batch Coffee UK

Speciality Coffee expert Tom from Batch Coffee UK reviews our single-origin robusta coffee

The Benefits of Lion's Mane Mushroom for Athletes

There are many health benefits associated with Lion’s Mane such as, fatigue reduction, increased cognitive function, inflammation reduction, improved gut health, and immune health. Find out how this magical mushroom can improve your athletic performance. 

Intermittent Fasting & Coffee

Intermittent fasting is seen by more and more people as an effective way to get lean. But a common area of confusion is what you can consume within the fasting period without 'breaking' the fast. Here we look at why it is okay to drink coffee during your fast, and how it may even increase some of the fat-burning benefits. Read more here.

The ultimate guide to the health effects of coffee

A comprehensive look at some of the health benefits and potential risks of drinking coffee.
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