Have you been using a cafetiere wrong all this time?

There are loads of brilliant coffee makers out there (we sell a few of them) but the trusty cafetiere is a favourite in the UK.

The principle is simple. Add coffee, pour in hot water and plunge right?

Well yes, to an extent.

You see there are ways you can tweak the brewing method to make your coffee taste heaps better. 

I've researched lots of different methods and have found my favourite. It comes from leading coffee expert James Hoffman.

Here is how he recommends brewing in a cafetiere:

1. Weigh out your beans (or ground coffee). Use kitchen scales to measure the coffee. Think of it like baking or cooking - measuring your ingredients = consistency. I recommend a ratio of 75g of coffee per 1000g of water. 

pouring ground coffee into a cafetiere which is sitting on kitchen scales

2. Use a coarse grind - like sea salt. Because we are immersing the coffee in water we want a smaller surface area. This achieves a slow gentle extraction. Too fine and you'll extract stuff in the coffee that we don't want and it will taste bitter.

3. Boil the kettle and swirl some hot water around the cafetiere to warm it up. Add your coffee and then add the desired amount of water (just off the boil). Keep the cafetiere on your scales so you can measure how much water goes in. Make sure all the grinds get wet. 

pouring water over freshly ground coffee in a cafetiere

 4. Leave for 4 mins

5. After 4 mins take a spoon and break the crust that will have formed on the surface. Scoop out any remaining lumps and clumps of foam. The coffee grinds will now gently fall to the bottom.

picture of the crust of coffee formed in a fresh brewed cafetiere before plunging

6. Leave for a further 3-4 mins. This is key. At the end of this time most of the coffee will have dropped to the bottom.

7. Slowly plunge 

cafetiere fill of fresh brewed cannonball coffee being plunged 

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