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When Will I get My Coffee?
We are an artisan company providing a high quality product. Sadly everyone needs sleep so we do not operate around the clock. We roast in small batches and fulfill & dispatch orders every Monday and Thursday ( always within two working days of ordering).  UK orders should arrive within 48hrs from dispatch. For Europe this is 7 working days and for US and rest of the world please allow 10 working days from dispatch.  

Do you ship to the USA?
Yes we do, up to a limit of 2kg. 

Where is my tracking number?
You will receive a notification email once your order has been dispatched  with shipping information (please check your junk folder). Unfortunately the International Standard option does not provide tracking. However it is insured. 

How many coffees can I get from a 250g bag?
This depends on how you make your coffee. A french press or filter coffee requires 20-25g for a large mug, so you'll get at least 10 strong coffees. If you're using an AeroPress you need 15g per serving so you'll get 16 coffees.

Why don't your coffees have strength ratings?
The number on a supermarket coffee packet relates to how dark it is roasted, not how strong the coffee is. Our coffees are strong but we use a light roast so you can enjoy the brilliant flavours contained in the beans, with no bitterness.

Is Maximum Charge the World's Strongest Coffee?
We've had the caffeine content of Maximum Charge analysed in a lab and it is significantly stronger than the World's Strongest Coffee when made using the same brewing method. However we don't overly publicise this as someone could come along with a stronger coffee. Rest assured Maximum Charge has a lot of caffeine but actually tastes amazing.

Where can I find your store?
We are a web-based business. You can also find our coffee on Amazon. 

Are your coffees Fair Trade?
Our coffees do not have the Fair Trade label but we only use high quality importers who source coffees from traceable farms that use sustainable and ethical practices.

How can I pay?
We accept most major credit cards via Shopify & Stripe Pay, and Paypal. We do not accept BitCoin at this time. 

Can I place a wholesale order?
Yes, we offer good rates on wholesale orders. Get in touch using the link below. 

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