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10,000th Customer

Nice touch to get into the local paper to mark the 10,000 customer. Read the full story here

Strong v Bitter Coffee

Strong coffee does not equal bitter coffee. Check out these tips for a better tasting brew.

High Protein Millionaire's Shortbread

Celebrate national shortbread day with this high-protein, low-carb recipe for millionaire's shortbread from The Protein Works. It pairs very well with coffee.

The Art Of Smashing Your Goals

Forget New Year’s resolutions and SMART goals. Find out how to make lasting positive changes in this guest article from Coach Dean Hammond.

Workout while your coffee brews

Let’s be real, mornings can be tough, but we all know a good cup of coffee can make it easier - especial...

Add 3 Days Onto Your Year

It's really, really dark in the mornings at the moment. Staying in bed has never been more tempting. Here's a thought for the day from top Cannonballer Cammie King on how you can save 3 days a year by having the discipline to not hit snooze...

Coping with a change to our work and social lives due to Covid-19

Working practices have changed for many of us, which might mean that you are now working from home and finding that your time spent working is slowly encroaching into what would have been time to train, chill out or spend with loved ones. Routine and structure is comforting for us and research tells us changes to these (especially when guidance is constantly changing) can leave us feeling exhausted, overwhelmed or unsure how or where to start as well as activating different parts of our brains…argh! In this guest blog our friend Dr Reena Vohora, a Clinical Psychologist, shares some tips that may help with managing changes to our working lives.

Winter Tips for Early Morning Coffee-Fuelled Runs

A look at how to motivate yourself to exercise during dark winter mornings. We'll cover: - How to trick yourself into action- Should you drink coffee before a workout?- Can coffee before a workout help with weight loss?

5 Minute Mobility Routine

Try this simple routine while your coffee brews in the morning. Improve your flexibility and get warmed up for the day.

Coffee v Naps

What is better for beating an afternoon slump - coffee or having a nap? Find out here. (5 minute read)

How to avoid back pain

Have you ever wanted to improve your posture, or reduce your risk of getting a bad back? Top Cannonballer and Chiropractor Aidan Robinson shares his advice on avoiding posture related injuries.


What you do after waking up each morning can set you up for success, or contribute to chaotic day where you achieve nothing. Creating a really powerful morning routine is actually easier than you may have thought. And it doesn’t need to involve getting up at 4.30am, chanting or drinking weird potions. This article runs through what a morning routine is, why they are beneficial, and give some pointers on how to own your morning.   
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