Review of Maximum Charge by Batch Coffee UK

Speciality Coffee expert Tom from Batch Coffee UK reviews our single-origin robusta coffee

The Benefits of Lion's Mane Mushroom for Athletes

There are many health benefits associated with Lion’s Mane such as, fatigue reduction, increased cognitive function, inflammation reduction, improved gut health, and immune health. Find out how this magical mushroom can improve your athletic performance. 

Intermittent Fasting & Coffee

Intermittent fasting is seen by more and more people as an effective way to get lean. But a common area of confusion is what you can consume within the fasting period without 'breaking' the fast. Here we look at why it is okay to drink coffee during your fast, and how it may even increase some of the fat-burning benefits. Read more here.

The ultimate guide to the health effects of coffee

A comprehensive look at some of the health benefits and potential risks of drinking coffee.

Cold Coffee Recipes

It's absolutey redders in the UK at the moment. Here are some recipes for delicous cold coffee to help cool you down.

How To Make Strong Coffee

Our guide on how to successfully prepare great-tasting strong coffee

Lift For Heroes - Saturday 6th July

On Saturday 6th July we will be joining our friends from Combat Fuel at their gym in Andover for a world record attempt! Founder Alex, staff, friends and anyone else who fancies taking part will be attempting to deadlift a combined total of 1,000,000kg over the course of 12 hours. They’re doing this to raise money and awareness for Help For Heroes. We’ll be keeping everyone caffeinated with our strong coffee, as well as doing our share of lifting! All our proceeds for the day are being donated to the cause.

Does Coffee Make You Fat?

Coffee-based milkshakes (lattes) from franchise coffee shops are loaded with calories and sugar. But black coffee from freshly roasted speciality beans can actually contribute to fat loss. Find out more here as we look at some of the healthy compounds in coffee like polyphenols and caffeine.

Unleash the power of nootropic mushrooms

At Cannonball Coffee we sell great-tasting high-caffeine blends that help you do more. We’ve previously talked about the benefits of adding healthy fats to your strong coffee as a cognitive booster. Now we have developed a new product that combines four of the most popular plant-based nootropic extracts. Totally natural, it is designed to be stirred into your morning coffee to help switch your brain on. Find out more here.....

Second batch of our limited edition barrel aged coffee now available

We've combined the flavours of bourbon and coffee to make something truly excellent. Find out more about our barrel-aged coffee.


Black Friday deals available now at Cannonball Coffee

Guide To Brewing Better Coffee

An excellent and easy to follow guide on brewing better coffee at home, using a Hario V60 pour-over.
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