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Use this while on duty at work to help with lack of sleep to rehydrate. Taste better than other similar products

Cannonball Blend
Harry Turner
Uno numero

Simply the best

The best

Im 71 and have being drinking coffee for 50 years and still searching for that mystical brew and at this moment in time your offering is NUMBER 1 THANKS SO MUCH.

Cannonball Brew Bags
Stephen Spiller
Best coffee bags

Received items quickly.beautiful flavour and good strength.bags don't fall apart when stiring.money well spent.

Iron Bar Espresso Blend
Andie McCallum
WOW! This is the one

I've been buying from Cannonball for a while now and use Dark Charge and Maximum Charge as pre workout (double espresso and watch yourself turn into solid light) but figured i'd try the Iron Bar Espresso.
Absolutely incredible, as always its pure rocket fuel but the flavour is ridiculously complex, like legitimate layers of flavour...you simply don't get this with other high caffeine content drinks out there. The beans grind perfectly and produce as perfect an Espresso as you're capable of making.

Very impressed!

One of the best pre workouts on the planet

Need to run, lift something heavy a few times, crack some phys or just wake your ass up? This'll do it!
Like absolute rocket fuel but tastes amazing! It's beyond difficult to find coffee that tastes anywhere near this good with this much caffeine in, not sure how its done in fairness, im guessing sorcery...either way it lives up to its name.

Smooth Bore
Andie McCallum
Perfect Brew

That perfect balance of flavours.
I use these guys for the ultra high caffeine hit and incredible flavours but sometimes, you just want a good coffee that doesn't make you see sound or smell colours...Smooth Bore is that.
All the quality, flavour and everything else i love about Cannonball with a sensible caffeine hit haha.

Spot on

Coffee nake me go neowm

Package size

Must remember to order in 250g packs next time as I only have 300g storage jars

Brilliant coffee & service

Best coffee available. I have tried many different brands but now a steady subscriber to cannonball coffee. Its perfect

5 Brew Bags
Phoebe Russell

Quick and easy, super delicious coffee for any time of day.

Travel Press
Thomas Dight
Travel Press

Really good would highly recommend, and it holds up in the job I do.
One downer needs a measuring spoon for the coffee.

Hence Greens Stack
Tristan Penny
Great help

Been of great help in recovering from long covid will continue to use exceed

Full Bore Bundle
Great Intro Into This Amazing Coffee

Being able to buy a bundle is genius as it allows you to try all the roasts upfront to decide which one you prefer.
I'm finding it hard to choose though as I've loved each one - a really smooth, strong coffee that gives me all the energy and focus I need to take on the day!

Would definitely recommend and will be reordering!

Awesome espresso

Have been wanting to try iron bar for a while and glad I got round to it. Great combination of arabica and robusta beans, so it makes a full bodied espresso without being too bitter.

Amazing taste

Can’t believe how tasty this coffee is what a great product this is…. GAME CHANGER

Full Bore Bundle
Richard Adams
Very light roast

Pretty tasteless for our likings.
Prefer a dark roast. Couldn't detect much caffeine either.
Only buy it if you like light roasted coffee. Prefer Sainsbury's Italian beans at £2.30 for 227g

Great new addition

Just tried this new (to me) addition to the range and it’s great.
Lovely smooth taste you would expect & packing the usual caffeine punch.
I drink mine black and pure as intended :)

Perfect for busy people

Great in the morning when you’ve got a big day ahead and want a caffeine fix but don’t want to mess about for 10 minutes making it. Also doubles up as a tasty preworkout drink💪

Love it

Buy this for my partner keeps him awake after a long day lol he swares by it says its the best coffee hes had so defo worth the money

Living life at Maximum Charge

Maximum Charge Cannonball Coffee is the only way I start my mornings, it gives me the epic boost I need to get stuff done and satisfies my coffee cravings. Nothing beats the taste of freshly brewed Robusta espresso for me and the stuff I order from Cannonball Coffee is made with the best quality beans that I've come across thus far. Ever since I first began charging my daily routine with Cannonball I couldn't imagine waking up any other way. Currently living life at Maximum Charge.

Cannonball Blend
Simon Skinner
Amazing blend

The flavour is so smooth. This has become my Cannonball of choice. Well done Cannonball. You've nailed it again. I'm going to make myself a cup now.

Super easy and tasty!

So glad I got these! Super easy to chuck in a mug with some hot water and the coffee tastes so damn good. Highly recommend!

Exceed Nootropic Complex
Ki Yip Ken Chiu
The best coffee i have for long time

I have the coffee for few year now, i can’t find any other coffee best then cannonball coffee

Fab mug!

Perfect little addition to our Cannonball Coffee collection.

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