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Full Bore Bundle
Ian Palmer

Been using Cannonball ever since they set up business, always deliver good quality strong tasteful coffee.
Hopefully bring out some more banging coffee in the near future.! 👍💪🏻

Maximum Respect

After initial purchase of the variety pack, I settled on this Maximum Charge roast, the flavour and strength are perfect. A beautiful creamy Crema & consistent results from when the bag is opened to a couple weeks later. I’ve tried “other” supposedly Strong Coffee Brands 💀 But the taste is just awful compared. This is my 100% go to coffee.

Bravo Duncan & Team

Smooth Bore
Stewart MacTaggart
coffee at home

great tasting coffee unfortunately too smooth for my machine. exchanged without fuss by Jo for medium ground.
many thanks

Beat Ever

I have been a cannonball customer for a couple of years now and I have tried other coffees but they have just not met the taste, quality and value especially as the bundle is the way I buy.

I can highly recommend this brand and the service is always excellent and when I have had one issue it was resolved quickly. We need to support the sme businesses and this is one to support. 😊☕️


As promised, it has a high amount of caffeine and excellent flavour making it a great way to start the day

Great coffee

Excellent coffee! It was a great addition to my mornings. Gives a caffeine boost that allows me to start my day in a good mood

I just love this coffee

I just love the taste of this coffee im 71 and ive tried well ive lost count of the number of coffees ive tried says it all really.

eccezionale exceed nootropic

ottimo per dare una carica in più al mattino e ogni volta che serve quello sprint mentale e fisico anche in ufficio

The best ground coffee

Absolutely amazing product! Recently a father of now 2 and the Iron Bar Espresso is keeping me fuelled for those early mornings.

Game Changer

I only started drinking real coffee last year. Thank god I stumbled across this amazing coffee. Its so good. I have all my work colleagues drinking it now.

Tasty coffee

Having had a few mugs I am pleased with the results, very enjoyable.

Very impressive

Maximum Charge is an amazing blend. So smooth to drink and gives you the kick you need.
Definitely order again.

Smooth Bore
Margaret Blight

Smooth Bore

Full Bore Bundle
Peter Holliday
Excellent Coffee

Good quality coffee with plenty of punch and excellent taste

Iron Bar Espresso Blend
David Knockton

Iron Bar on subscription! It’s the only way, am I right??!!

Long time regular customer

Gone are the days of strong coffee that takes the roof of your mouth off. I have been drinking smooth bore coffee for a couple of years. The quality never changes, it's always fantastic. The smell when you open a new bag of cannonball coffee is heavenly. Smooth bore is so tasty that I drink it black. No milk required. The deep almost dark chocolatey notes are a pleasure, whatever time of day. Just because it's not bitter doesn't mean you lose the buzz. This is what coffee should be.

First purchase review

I have enjoyed drinking this coffee. Definitely starts the engine first thing in the morning!

Smooth Bore
Nick Cox
Usual Cannonball Quality

Second purchase and upped to 500g Bags. And A Little Treat. Excellent Work & Service from Duncan & the Team, as Always !!

Iron Bar Espresso Blend
Steve Robinson
Ironbar Espresso

At 66 I need a decent pre workout drink, Until 62 I never drank coffee at all then tried Cannonball blend, now Ive switched To Iron bar which is delicious and is a very effective pre workout. Im happy to provide picture as I can't recommend this blend enough

Full Bore Bundle

The Beauty of this Bundle is a mixture of strength & flavours. Cannonball blend for breakfast or Maximum Charge pre workout. Being new to espresso this is ideal. So much so I might just re order the bundle again as they’re all so good it’s hard to choose a favourite. And you don’t have to Dial in between roasts (if you chose beans).
Duncan’s Passion for coffee, is evident throughout the whole process. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Cannonball Blend
Billie Lynch
Amazing coffee!

We have brought lots of coffee bags in the past and love them. Finally got a real coffee machine, so wanted to try the real thing. Well we will be 100% ordering again as it’s the best way to start the day!!

Cannonball Blend
Adrian Donald
Best Coffee ever

This coffee is the best I have ever had, always perfect every time and delivery is fantastic

It’s where the day begins.

Drink it black unadulterated and savour the skills of cannonball coffee makers.3 years in and I don’t drink anything else at home. Top work

Top stuff

Use this while on duty at work to help with lack of sleep to rehydrate. Taste better than other similar products

Cannonball Blend
Harry Turner
Uno numero

Simply the best

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