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Based on 1063 reviews
a big punch in such a small packet

This coffee is the the best. Smooth, tastes great & enough caffeine to start you day or keep it going.
I wouldn’t use anything else now..
Highly recommended 💪🏻

Strong AF

Not for my taste but you can’t argue it’s strong, just lacks flavour for me personally but if you want rocket fuel then this is the ticket.

Hey Oliver, sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the coffee. Taste is personal at the end of the day. Glad you noticed the caffeine though and thanks for giving us a try

Love it so much I came back for 2nds

I take it in my black morning coffee before hitting the gym for some faster cardio.. boom 💥 it gives me that mental boost to smash it EVERY morning.
USDA approved too

Dark Charge
Alan Lumley aka DaGeneral
Excellent flavour

Excellent flavour from the roast and a nice caffeine kick hit the spot when required.

Better than energy drinks

Stir a spoonful of this into your cannonball coffee and boom 💥

Smooth Bore
Denis Leversedge
Top Coffee

I have bought and tried so many varieties of coffee beans over the years but Smooth Bore has proven to be the best tasting coffee of them all, saying that I might just try the other blends Cannonball do.

Cannonball Brew Bags
Tom Holloway
Great coffee

Great product really good quality

not to my taste

I think I would have been better with the Dark Roast . This product just lacked the taste

Not as good as the ground

It's drinkable but I like a stronger taste.
I've left it in the mug for up to 8 minutes it's still the same strength than leaving it in for 3 minutes


Great shirt. Fits really well and get loads of comments (well 2, but I’ve only worn it twice) when wearing it.
Print quality is fantastic!
Coffee is out of this world and highly recommended if you’re currently getting too much sleep.

Great coffee

Fantastic service, delivering great tasting coffee.
No faff individual bags, making a full flavoured coffee.

Exceed Nootropic Complex
Mr. James Broslin
Great coffee

I am a repeat customer. I love cannonball coffee. I tastes great. Keeps me going at work.

Awesome coffee

Tried a lot of coffee and this is, so far, the best. Bloody love it.

Good coffee

Excellent coffee!

It's my 3rd box of coffee bags from Cannonball and it's the 3rd for a reason. I use them as a substitute to my Aeropress coffee when I visit my girlfriend and they're really convenient. They offer an excellent way to get a brew similar to a french press without the equipment. The strong Cannonball blend is always appreciated.

If I had one suggestion, it's to make the brew bags keep the coffee in completely. As it stands, they do a good job, but there is always smaller bits at the bottom of the coffee. I just don't drink the bottom bit though 🤷🏻‍♂️

Travel Press
Dave Smith
Espro travel press.

Love this thing, stays hot and Accompanied with great tasting strong coffee what more could I ask for.
Maximum charge- great taste full of flavour and packs a powerful punch.
Smooth bore- does what it says on the label smooth. 👌🏼

Full Bore Bundle
Tom French
Banging Beans

I had not purchased coffee from Cannonball before so went for the bundle. Order came quickly and beans were mega fresh and smelt great.

Having tried all.3 Coffees now I can say that all 3 are banging. Not over roasted but roasted to a nice sweet spot where there is some nice flavour and a hefty hit of caffeine. Great flavour and aromas. If you like strong coffee that's not too dark get this bundle il definitely be re ordering thats for sure.

Unique wholesome taste

Great taste to this roast. I save it for weekends or to make an espresso martini with. Would recommend, especially if you like single malt

Fantastic Coffee

Tried the maximum charge medium today on a whim when looking for strong coffee on an online store and certainly wasn't disappointed. Has a lovely smooth flavour with no burnt, bitter taste like other beans. So now I've bulk bought some direct at a cheaper price brilliant!

Stunning Beans

I am a proper coffee bean snob and when introduced to this bean thought Yup! Heard it all before but took the plunge and was not disappointed.
I purchased the Super Strong Coffee bean and where most leave a bitter taste in ones mouth although strong this leaves a nutty after taste. The aroma is full and is a great bean for Espresso. So give it a go!!!! I did and haven’t looked back!!!

Cannonball Brew Bags
Ian Shambrook
Brew bag delight

This is not my first order but as always excellent service and a awesome cup of coffee time and time again.

Maximum charge

Great stuff. Tastes good, helps you get shit done. Get some

Represent what your about !

Great fit and always getting compliments on the tshirt. 👍🏽

Bang on target

Coffee is bang on target again. I still can’t decide which I like the best so just go for the 3 coffee bundle.
Bought the coffee bags for the wife and she’s really enjoyed them. In fact she might even be changing from her usual coffee.
Keep up the good coffee!

Beep! Beep! Coffee

For days when I want to be more Roadrunner than Wile E. Coyote

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