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Cannonball Brew Bags
Charles Jose

Perfect deal at all. No comments

Cannonball Blend
Jack Stokes
Great coffee

Really great flavour. I use it for everything from latte to espresso martini!

Lovely coffee, not bitter

I'm a tea drinker really, but wanted to incorporate a cup or two of strong coffee into my day because of the health benefits. Found cannonball online and am pleasantly surprised. The coffee is not bitter, it smells and tastes lovely and is soooo fresh. Thanks a lot.

Yet another excellent batch!

Excellent coffee

Great coffee & great company service.
It’s a real treat every day to enjoy a cup of tasty coffee with such convenience.

Great coffee

Great coffee and speedily delivered. Excellent company to deal with.

Thank you buddy

Cannonball Brew Bags
Tom Blackburn

Amazing product. Gets me through the day. I leave bag in large flask all day and drink till lunch time. Nice flavour. Great company. Happy with my subscription so I'm always well stocked.
Thanks cannonball

My new go-to coffee

Finally, I've found a strong coffee that hasn't been roasted to oblivion, but actually tastes of coffee! I couldn't be happier with my hoofing new Cannonball purchase and look forward to many happy years of drinking strong, tasty coffee from a company with a great story and a great ethos.

Great coffee

Solid strong coffee that's surprisingly smooth and easy to drink despite its strength. Go easy with this one.

Great tasting coffee nothing smells better than fresh beans

Very strong with a great taste

Cannonball Blend
Pauline Northey

Excellent Coffee

These are my own personal treats. No sharing with these........😝

My colleagues can't get enough of it!!! Well it's too good not to share!!! 😜

This is my everyday pick me up. No other brands come close to Cannonball!

Nice and strong. I prefer it black. Definitely for those looking for a good strong caffeinated beverage for a kicker! But it's got a decent flavour too. Dark and bitter, woody flavour.

Cannonball Blend
Ian Welbourne
The only coffee needed!!

Been buying hole bean coffee for a while now, we will always purchase cannonball due to the great taste, wonderful smell and many options of roast, smooth bore and cannonball blend is our choice.
Simple and easy to place orders, simple tracking and postage updates, great customer service and always available to chat to if needed.

If you haven’t tried it? Why not?

Excellent quality and customer service.

Not only are the beans amazing, when I discovered one bag had been damaged in transit. I got a full replacement bag at no extra cost to me within 24 hours!


I have bin drinking coffee for 40yrs. this has to be one of the best. The flavor is really good and it has a kick to it.

Cannonball Blend
R Fearnley

very nice coffee. now part of my daily schedule

Cannonball Blend
Milton Stephens

Cannonball Blend

Great tasting strong coffee

Cannonball Brew Bags
Mark Mattholie
Great Coffee

First time ordering on the recommendation of a work college. Excellent service and great tasting coffee. I will be back

Very smooth, never had a strong coffee that easy to the taste buds

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