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Based on 916 reviews
My favourite coffee forever.

I’ve tried many many coffees and cannonball are my go-to. I will ALWAYS have their coffee in my cupboard
Thanks Duncan, keep up the great work

the best coffee

I have Cannoball coffee for 2 year it is the beat coffee i have for long time now i only drink this coffee every day

Strong Claims Poor Results

Being a cyclist Coffee is my go to for that Pre, Mid ride pick me up
I read the information and claim that Cannonbal is the strongest coffee you can get. Bold I thought, as I was already a regular user of a coffee brand that also holds the claim and has more than twice the content of caffeine claimed by Connonball, so I thought Id give it a go
Bought it, brewed it, end result, weak in comparison, caffeine level may be what is claimed but I certainly didnt feel it
Taste wise, weak and very mild
Not a fan 👎👎

Really good but not perfect

This is a well made press and the twin filters do the job as well as claimed. BUT, it does not keep coffee hot for 6 hours. I made a brew this morning using a pre heated press and boiling (I know, I know) water. 3 hours later the coffee was a shade cooler than I would have liked but still enjoyable. As long as I am aware of this 1 limitation I will continue to use and enjoy the insulated press. Not sure if having to leave the lid off for 4-5 minutes prior to plunging is the cause of the problem. Otherwise, a great piece of kit.

First bag of Smooth Bore.

As someone who has always used supermarket coffee I decided to treat myself to some proper coffee. I should not have waited so long. As an age group indoor rowing athlete I like a coffee kick in the mornings before training on the indoor rower, the smooth bore is the first purchase I tried, it did the job and more... I use a Cafetiere and make a double batch, consume half, let the other half cool down that I then use in a whey protein shake. Absolutely gorgeous.
No bitterness or burnt taste you get with supermarket coffee, all the kick you expect, this stuff is the bees knees.
I will be back to Cannonball for the next level up, highly recommended.

An essential for coffee lovers

Great taste, quick delivery lots of varieties to choose from with great communication throughout the order process. Good work Cannonball, keep it up I’ll definitely be re-ordering soon! 😃☕️

Amazing coffee. Would recommend

Dark Charge

My third coffee I've tried and by far my favourite, roasted just a bit darker for a nice rich flavour. Will definitely be back for more ☕👍

Exceed Nootropic Complex

Been using this nootropic blend for 2 weeks now and I've really noticed greater focus, energy in my work, day to day activities and also in my workouts. The powder mixes in really easily into my morning Americano, no lumps or change in taste at all. Would highly recommend and will buy again.

Dark charge is beautiful coffee. Especially black which is how I take it.


I have tried a few coffees this 1 is very pleasant will be buying again

True coffee taste

As a child I would watch my french grandmother ground coffee beans each morning. I was allowed a coffee bean to eat. Amazing taste. When I drink this coffee, it taste just like that, real coffee taste and lasting taste. My husband and myself just love it.
Daniele T.
☕ 🧡

Gleaming coffee, and service

Great coffee, I've not had anything that is as equally strong and taste amazing. Customer service is great and personal and delivery time is short. I Highly recommend.

Delicious Coffee

A staple for my wholebean coffee from now on, a fine addition to my collection!

Best coffee I’ve tasted

I absolutely love this coffee ! It tastes amazing . I love having a cup before my daily run for a an extra boost . Will definitely be ordering more 👍

Coffee with a punch

Flavour you could only imagine ,until you tasted this. Wake up coffee ,which gave me a zing for the day

Great coffee fast shipping

I love this coffee, and brewed in my travel flask it's extremely convenient. Great taste fast and on the move.

Super convenient

I am in love with these brew bags, they give me awesome coffee with tea simplicity which means my wife can make me a decent coffee without all the mess and hassle. Superb.

Simple and strong like all the best things are!

Love this coffee. It’s strong without substituting on taste. It’s now part of my daily routine and gets me going in the mornings ready to train.
Up, double espresso and go get some!
Then the customer service is better still. Very interactive and clearly cares about the product and what people think of it.
There’s people that drink cannonball coffee and then there’s stupid people!! 😜

Awesome coffee

Love cannonball coffee,
The coffee bags are soooo convenient and super tasty.

Arborist get up and go

Having a cup of this before I go up a tree is like a rocket up the arse .

Got the Coffee, Got the Tee

Happily sporting the Raglan 3/4 Tee in our shop. Like the coffee's, a great product. Coffee Therapy Cromer.

Fantastic quality

Really impressed with the quality of this coffee, super smooth great flavour. Have been drinking another brand of high caffeine coffee but I'm definitely switching to cannonball coffee 👍

Super strong
Super tasty

Excellent quality coffee with a punch that gets me going on a morning!

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