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Travel Press
Dave Smith
Espro travel press.

Love this thing, stays hot and Accompanied with great tasting strong coffee what more could I ask for.
Super charge- great taste full of flavour and packs a powerful punch.
Smooth bore- does what it says on the label smooth. 👌🏼

Full Bore Bundle
Tom French
Banging Beans

I had not purchased coffee from Cannonball before so went for the bundle. Order came quickly and beans were mega fresh and smelt great.

Having tried all.3 Coffees now I can say that all 3 are banging. Not over roasted but roasted to a nice sweet spot where there is some nice flavour and a hefty hit of caffeine. Great flavour and aromas. If you like strong coffee that's not too dark get this bundle il definitely be re ordering thats for sure.

Unique wholesome taste

Great taste to this roast. I save it for weekends or to make an espresso martini with. Would recommend, especially if you like single malt

Fantastic Coffee

Tried the maximum charge medium today on a whim when looking for strong coffee on an online store and certainly wasn't disappointed. Has a lovely smooth flavour with no burnt, bitter taste like other beans. So now I've bulk bought some direct at a cheaper price brilliant!

Stunning Beans

I am a proper coffee bean snob and when introduced to this bean thought Yup! Heard it all before but took the plunge and was not disappointed.
I purchased the Super Strong Coffee bean and where most leave a bitter taste in ones mouth although strong this leaves a nutty after taste. The aroma is full and is a great bean for Espresso. So give it a go!!!! I did and haven’t looked back!!!

Cannonball Brew Bags
Ian Shambrook
Brew bag delight

This is not my first order but as always excellent service and a awesome cup of coffee time and time again.

Maximum charge

Great stuff. Tastes good, helps you get shit done. Get some

Represent what your about !

Great fit and always getting compliments on the tshirt. 👍🏽

Bang on target

Coffee is bang on target again. I still can’t decide which I like the best so just go for the 3 coffee bundle.
Bought the coffee bags for the wife and she’s really enjoyed them. In fact she might even be changing from her usual coffee.
Keep up the good coffee!

Beep! Beep! Coffee

For days when I want to be more Roadrunner than Wile E. Coyote

Cannonball Brew Bags
Georgie Kean
So delicious and convenient

I love it! I have the brew bags every day now and the flavour is perfect. You can very easily control the strength of the coffee depending on how long you leave it to brew too.

Very very convenient to have fresh clean taste compared to instant coffee.
Highly recommend

Dark Charge
Andie McCallum
Perfect coffee as always

Tried quite a few products from Cannonball now and honestly, they never fail to impress.

From the small batch whisky barrel roasts to the nitro/rocket fuel dark charge and even the brew bags.

Literally everything these humans turn their hands to is amazing!

I’ve gone from ordering the small bags to the larger ones as I just don’t want to risk running out 😂

This stuff is the perfect pick me up when you need a boost and THE best pre work fuel on the planet…fact.

Full Bore Bundle
Lee Arney
Which one 🤔

Bought the bundle to see which I prefer but was of little use as I like them all 🤪 great coffee and great service 👍🏻

Cannonball Coffee

I've only had a couple of cups due to the format of the coffee, I absolutely loved the taste and it's sort of sweetness.

I am struggling to feel the "energy" that it so provides but it may be due to the the possibility of having Inattentive ADHD. It does definitely give me that burst of energy I need to get me on my feet however.

I also wished I could buy this coffee as an instant coffee much like Nescafes coffee. So I will hold out until there is the possibility of purchasing it in instant coffee format.

Strong Girl Gift 💪🏼

Super fast delivery and she was mega pleased with the mug !

Damn fine coffee

The best coffee I’ve ever tasted!
My staple instant for work is now a brew bag, tastes really smooth with no bitterness at all, even if you forget about it and it’s been brewing for ages!!!
Have recently purchased the 3 different ground coffees too. The smell when you first open a bag is amazing. They all taste as good as they smell too
Am so pleased I found this company (totally by accident as I was sent a sample brew bag from a protein company!!), I’m now a very loyal, happy customer 🙂☕️

Cannonball Blend
Stephen Lynch
Awesome taste

Cannonball blend is amazing. Taste awesome why not give it a try.

The coffee I’ve been looking for my whole life!

So I’ve had high strength coffee before and it’s been really disappointing and bitter… this isn’t! It’s perfect and so tasty just what I need every morning and my go to pre workout!

It’s simply the best 😄

As a shift worker a strong coffee works so well to give me a good kick in the mornings , this one was perfect but also delicious 😋
I don’t like strong bitter coffee but this one has the best of both worlds. It has become our shift coffee now.

Full Bore Bundle
Andrew Moody
Amazing coffee

Great service , prompt delivery , and above all fantastic coffee

Good material and fit

Excellent fit. Very comfortable and made from good material.

Cannonball Blend
Stephen Lynch

Best taste of coffee beans

The perfect energiser!

Great coffee, all the ingredients I’m after for some very tough days - strong, loaded with caffeine, smooth tasting and definitely not bitter like many other brands I’ve tried. I’m a repeat customer.. say no more ✔️

Good stuff

I work shifts and find the kick and taste of this coffee helps me get through the day.☕

Dark Charge
Simon Read
Well balanced

Dark Charge is just the right balance between light and dark roast. Could drink cup after cup.

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