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The only coffee I buy absolutely lovely! Not bitter just brilliant!

Just great coffee

Great tasting strong coffee

Cannonball Blend
Paul Racher
Amazing taste

Absolutely love the maximum charge and the cannonball blend .

Maximum Charge

Best coffee ive ever had. Get a subscription. So much easier


I like to consider myself as a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to coffee.
I have tried coffee from all over the world some really expensive and some not.
What i have come to find for myself is Cannonball Coffee and Strong Shit coffee. Seem to be a fine balance between Robusta and Arabica coffee that give a pleasant flavour and a nice pick you up.
I will continue to support Cannonball super strong coffee in the future.

Smoother than James Bond

5 Star coffee, branding on point and company history & ethos deeply impressive. Quality of taste, turbo boosted caffeine level and wonderful aroma. Nothing else gets even close.

Best coffee

This is the best high caffeine coffee I’ve ever had, helps fuel all my workouts after a hard days work!

Outstanding Coffee

I had never drank coffee till I got an extremely busy stressful job a few years back so wanted a strong coffee to get me though the day and some.
Coffee tastes great ( I have tried other brands. Yuk) as I drink it black and certainly give the desired effect
I believe it’s nice to drink and zero bitterness lose some others that’s why I have it on subscription!!
I 100% would recommend

Smooth Bore
Mark Lewin
Smells fantastic!

Was really looking forward to this product, I purchased 1kg and it smells fabulous. Sadly, however, this was because the delivery person left the package under the front wheels of my son's car.....yes, it wasn't spotted until he reversed over it and heard a pop! Both bags burst open which revealed a lovely smell, sadly, no longer drinkable! Will reorder and try again.

Great coffee

Really good coffee. Good taste, great kick. Use it every morning to wake myself up before the gym. Works a treat.

The business

Been drinking this stuff for years and haven’t found a more highly caffeinated drink.

Excellent as always

consistent, tasty, high caffiene coffee
never had any complaints, goes great in my aero press

Morning perfection !

The perfect coffee to start the day. This coffee is a must have in our house.

A Must Try

I have been drinking Cannonball Coffee for several years. Cannonball Coffee is the most satisfying brew bar none in the USA. The brewing aroma has received several compliments from visitors in my household. Cannonball Coffee gives me the energy I get from no other coffee. I will be a USA customer for life!

Smooth Bore
Steve Robinson

Smooth Bore

Cannonball Brew Bags
Chloe Chapple
Coffee beans and bags

Perfect morning coffee, always recommend cannonball to friends and family. Great tasting coffee, quick delivery, and the bags are really convenient


Can't recommend these bags enough. So convenient and obviously delicious.
Always fast delivery and customer services are perfect 👌🏻

Full Bore Bundle
John Sutton

I've been looking for a good well priced coffee for a while and here Ive found it only problem is can't decide which one I like the most. All three blends are lovely. Maximum charge was the first to go.

High quality easy drinking coffee

I always look forward to my morning cup of maximum charge. I’ve tried loads of other brands but always come back to this.

Maximum charge

Absolutely love this coffee,the taste,the smell and the buzz.

Cannonball Brew Bags
Shaun MCnamee
Great coffee

Great coffee and very quick delivery
Good customer service with send email throughout the delivery with updates and checking in after your delivery to see that everything is ok with your items

Great on the go!

I love my AeroPress or even machine coffee but these bags are great for the days that you either can’t be bothered with the hassle of set up and clean down.
Great at work too as well as on the go.

Great coffee bags

Wasn't sure on the coffee bags at first but glad I bought them as they are the mutts nuts.
Would definitely recommend them and great service 👍👍👍

Smooth Bore
Ian Welbourne
Only cannonball coffee for me

Will always buy this coffee, noticeably better than any other coffee I’ve drank. Always by bean coffee for home and bags for work.

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