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Full Bore Bundle - 3 x 250g bags of coffee, 1 of each of our 3 best-sellers. The bags are lined up next to each other, all feature a bright red background with a black coffee cup with biceps bursting out of it, and 'super strong coffee' written on the cup

Full Bore Bundle

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Beans or ground?

Can't decide which of our strong coffees to go for? Want a bit of variety?

Then treat yourself to this little bundle.

You get a 250g bag of each of our three best-sellers: Maximum Charge, Cannonball Blend and Dark Charge. Save over 20% vs the individual coffees. 

You'll have something different to wake up to each day. 

Choose beans or ground to suit your coffee maker.

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Dai Green
Glad I found them

Love this bundle and am quickly working my way through them.

So far all are delicious and highly recommend

Edmond Dunn

Always fresh and brilliant taste.
Best coffee for exercise

joel buckingham
Great Coffee, Great Value

I think the full bore bundle is a great way to sample the different coffee on offer. At a great price I definitely think it's worth it.

Edmond Dunn

Great service and excellent product

Andie McCallum
Amazing Coffee

Thus far only tried the maximum charge out of my order…and it’s the best damn coffee I’ve ever had.

Most high caffeine coffees, even the really good ones tend to suffer on the flavour front. Not all massively mind, but it’s still noticeable.

This tastes AMAZING and still sends you to the future 🤣

I almost want to smash through the order so I can get another one in!

Amazing coffee, super high caffeine (I’m a big guy so takes a fair bit to get me moving) and PROPER flavour. No bullshit, no weird corporate nonsense, damn good coffee and service.

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