Travel Press

Do you settle for bad coffee at work, when travelling, or 'in the field'? Well now you don't have to.   

The Espro Travel Press is designed for people who want to brew awesome coffee, anywhere. 

Canadian company Espro have revolutionised making and drinking coffee on the go. The Travel Press works a bit like a French Press - but much better.

The patented filter system has two filters, each up to 12 times finer than that of a French Press. They filter twice, leaving all of the flavour and none of the grit. The coffee stops extracting as soon as the plunger is pushed down. This means the coffee doesn't carry on brewing as with other leading products - leading to a bitter taste.

The stainless steel construction means you can take the travel press anywhere. It is light enough to carry, and robust enough to survive practically anything. The lid is completely leak proof lid so it can be carried in a bag. With a double insulated wall, your coffee will stay hot for up to 6 hours.


Q: Which grind setting is best?
A: Coarse