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Hi I’m Duncan and I’m the founder of Cannonball Coffee. I launched the business in March 2018 after leaving the British Army. I served for 8 years and deployed all over the world, and was in need of a new challenge. 

founder of cannonball coffee holding a bag of green coffee beans

I’ve been a coffee lover for as long as I can remember. But it wasn’t until working with the Danish Army in Afghanistan in 2012 that I was first exposed to really good strong coffee and the idea of drinking it black. We’re so conditioned to bad coffee in the UK that the default is milk and two sugars.

I subsequently followed the well-trodden path of coffee appreciation: throwing out the instant coffee and buying ground beans from the supermarket, then upgrading to buying speciality coffee, then grinding my own beans; then not going anywhere without a hand grinder and an AeroPress. It’s awesome to now help customers along this same coffee journey.  

I learnt to roast at Winchester Coffee School in 2017 and started roasting coffee at home in Salisbury. Realising this wasn’t a scalable business I joined forces with Ben who owns Beanpress Coffee down the road in Dorset. Together we roast and ship from their state of the art roastery near Blandford. 

We focus on crafting great-tasting high-caffeine coffee to help fuel active lifestyles. Our strong coffee is an ideal alternative to pre-workout supplements. It is also great as part of Keto or Bulletproof diets. We want to help you feel energised and productive. You’ll find us running stalls at CrossFit and Powerlifting events and find our coffee in gyms. We’re constantly looking for ways of getting our coffee in front of people who need it!

cannonball coffee at an army crossfit event

There are a lot of brands offering strong coffee, but every one I’ve tried has used cheap beans which are roasted incredibly dark. The result is a burnt, bitter & foul tasting coffee which is undrinkable. Some people like this, and good luck to them, but if you want a strong coffee and happen to have taste buds our coffees are for you. 

We spent a while trying to find a quality Robusta coffee bean with the elusive combo of high-strength and great taste. We stumbled upon a variety from Rwanda that tasted as good as many Arabica coffee. Best of all, lab-analysis revealed it to contain far more caffeine than coffees claiming to be the 'World's Strongest'! This great-tasting high-caffeine bean forms the backbone of our different blends. It is proving popular amongst strong coffee lovers from all four corners of the globe. 

As well as selling delicious coffee we are also keen to help customers get better at making it. We want to help take speciality coffee away from wanky hipsters and into the mainstream. We sell a variety of easy to use coffee makers that travel anywhere, and provide advice on how to use them. Keep an eye on our blog and social media for handy hints and tips. 

So that's a bit about me and my brand. I think it is important that you know you're buying from real people, not another faceless company. We've got a few big projects in the pipeline to help get Cannonball Coffee in front of more people. So stay tuned. 

We really care about your experience with us and are here to help. If you have any questions you can contact us here and we'll reply within 24hrs. You can also find us on all the usual social media channels (links below).

Thanks for reading


cannonball coffee shipping 5 big boxes of coffee beans with UPS
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