Is Speciality Coffee Intimidating?

Have you ever gone into a speciality coffee shop and been intimidated by all the options on the menu? Do you care what altitude your beans were grown at? Confused between natural vs washed? 

Well you're not alone. 

Just like fitness, or learning a language, appreciating good coffee is a journey. And we are all at different stages.

Typically most people in the UK start out drinking instant coffee - 75% off all coffee sold in the UK is instant. Then maybe trying some filter coffee in a cafetiere or drip machine. The difference between a packet of ground coffee from a supermarket and instant is night and day. 

After this you might start experimenting with different types of coffee and spending a little more money. You'll notice differences in taste between coffees from different regions and how the coffee was roasted. You might notice more flavour in coffee that was roasted more recently.

At some point you will take the plunge and try coffee black, and start to take notice of the many amazing tastes in good coffee beans.  

You will then invest in a grinder and start grinding your own beans before brewing in an effort to keep all those flavours for yourself. 

Before you know if you'll be weighing out your beans and water, and have a shelf full of different coffee makers. Before you know if you will have become a craft coffee geek. And when you reach this stage remember that other people maybe at a different point on the journey. So try and share the love and don't be patronise. No-one likes a coffee shop bore.



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