Caffeine & Conquer August 2020

A book that might change the way you think 
The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. This is a truly fascinating and easy to read book that breaks down how habits are formed. Understanding the psychology around habits will help you break bad ones and form good ones.


A coffee brewing tip
If you use a Moka Pot (one of those Italian stove top coffee makers) then watch this video from Home Grounds. It is 8 minutes long but tells you everything you need to perfect this method.

A shot of inspiration from the Cannonball Community
Top Cannonballer Andrew Scott has been on an epic fitness transformation. As well as losing 90lb from eating well and smashing coffee-fuelled CrossFit workouts he has just completed a “40 Days of Fitness” challenge. He completed gruelling training sessions on 40 consecutive days to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support. You can find out more or donate a few pennies here.

A workout to try
Check out this 1000 rep challenge from the Pen And Paper Strength App. Gyms in the UK are open again and this session is the perfect way to absolutely blast your upper body!

An Instagram account to follow
If like me you have a sweet tooth when it comes to breakfast then check out barb_ell on Instagram. His page is packed with delicious protein-based  breakfast ideas. Mouth-watering proats, pancakes and French toast. All high-calorie, high-protein and perfect for supporting an active lifestyle.

If you missed it first time round here is our blog on whether a coffee or a nap is the best option for overcoming an afternoon slump.

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