V60 Brewing Guide

Here's the method we use:

  1. Place V60 onto your mug

  2. Insert a paper filter and pour hot water over to wash away any paper taste, and warm the cup. Discard water

  3. Add your coffee. Our coffees taste best with a slightly stronger ratio - start with 70g of coffee per litre of water. So use approximately 23g for 330ml of water.  Using kitchen scales =makes a massive difference but if you don't have them then a V60 scoop contains about 15g. 

  4. With your finger place a small hole in the middle of the coffee to create a bigger surface area

  5. Using hot (not boiling) water slowly pour about 50ml in a circular motion over the grinds. This allows the coffee to 'bloom' and trapped gas to escape. Leave for 45 secs.

  6. Slowly pour 70-100ml of water over the grinds. Allow to filter through

  7. Repeat 2 more times until you cup is full. At the end the drained coffee should appear flat and almost mud-like. 
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