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We offer rewards (coffee, merch and cash) in exchange for quality content from like-minded people. Want to learn more? Then read on....

Our mission is simple - fuel strong people with the highest quality strong coffee.

With this mission we’ve become the go-to cup of strong coffee for high performers. The Cannonball community is made up of fighter pilots and tactical specialists, to powerlifters and crossfitters, and the everyday high performers looking to get the most of their coffee - and ultimately their lives.

And that’s why we wanted to bring you onto our team! 

We’ve created an exclusive team of Cannonballers who don’t just love our coffee, but who we know live our mission. 

Our goal is to create a win-win with everyone on our Cannonball team. We want to support your goals and spread your message (including getting you some more strong coffee!) while working together to create impactful content that will resonate with and grow the Cannonball community.

Help us create winning content and we'll sort out your coffee needs and help promote your brand. 


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