AeroPress Brewing Guide

Using the AeroPress

The AeroPress is a fantastically convenient coffee maker, that can achieve results in as little as 30 seconds. Remember this next time someone says good coffee is a hassle. 

It works by forcing water immersed coffee through a filter under pressure. The results are unique as it mixes different coffee brewing techniques - immersion, extraction under pressure, and a paper filter.

I recommend a medium grind for the AeroPress. Too fine and it is hard to plunge, and too coarse and you won't get enough flavour from the coffee unless you leave it to brew for a few minutes.


  1. Place the plunger 1cm into the cylinder and turn upside down 

  2. Add 20g coffee (one heaped scoop) - this can be adjusted to taste

    pouring water into an aeropress

  3. Slowly pour water just off the boil over the grinds, stir, and then leave for 20 seconds

    inverted aeropress method

  4. Rinse a paper filter with hot water (this removes any paper flavour) or use a metal filter if you have one

  5. Place filter in plastic mesh lid and screw-on to base of cylinder

  6. Push down to release any trapped air 

  7. Turn AeroPress the correct way up and place onto cup 

    plunging an aeropress
  8. Plunge



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