Cannonball Coffee Club

Great coffee - roasted to order and 10% cheaper

Get delicious strong coffee delivered at the start of every month. You'll save time for more important things than ordering coffee. Plus all our subscribers save 10% on every bag, every time. 

How it works:

Select which product(s) you would like from the options below, then choose which size, how you'd like it ground and how many bags you'd like at a time. You can specify how frequently you'd like your coffee - every 1, 2 or 3 months.

Unlike other subscription services with Cannonball Coffee you can mix and match our products.

Unless you tell us otherwise your first shipment will be sent immediately, and then we take payment and ship at the start of every month thereafter. There is no contract, just a recurring payment which you can cancel after 3 shipments. You can easily amend or pause your subscription at any time. 

You can manage existing subscriptions here.


Can I cancel?
Yes, after 3 months

Do shipping costs apply?
Yes, but you get a 10% discount on the coffee. UK shipping is free over £20.

What if I have too much coffee?
You can pause you subscription at any time. It takes 15 seconds. Do it here.

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