Maximum Charge Is Officially Stronger Than The 'World's Strongest Coffee'

The results are in!

We recently had the caffeine content of the Rwandan robusta beans that make our Maximum Charge High Caffeine Coffee tested in a lab and it turns out to be very punchy stuff indeed. We are excited to announce that Maximum Charge is officially stronger than 'Deathwish Coffee' which claims to be the world's strongest. 

A mug of brewed coffee made with 25g of Maximum Charge and 250ml of water has over 400mg of caffeine. If you want something really powerful then brewing 4 tablespoons (55g) with 350ml of water provides over 900mg of caffeine. However, we don't recommend doing this unless you have a very high caffeine tolerance. For context a can of Red Bull has 78mg of caffeine and a regular Starbucks latte has 155mg. 

If you don't want a coffee as potent as this, then don't worry we've got you covered. Check out our mellow and delicious Smooth Bore blend or the more full-bodied and rich Cannonball Blend. However if you do want a strong yet great tasting pick-me-up in the morning, before you go to the gym or to get you through a long night then 15g - 25g of Maximum Charge in an AeroPress, Cafetiere, or filter machine is just what you need. Find out more here.

Over the coming weeks we'll be putting more information out regarding the health benefits of caffiene and it's utility as a sports supplement.  


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