Coffee subscription services - Are they worth it?

Delicious looking fresh coffee

Great news! Cannonball Coffee Club, our monthly coffee subscription, is now live. You'll find it in the Shop section of the website. Subscribing means you won't run out of coffee and you will save 10% on every bag. It's super simple to use - just choose which products you'd like, how you'd like it ground and how many you'd like each month.

Unlike other subscription services, with us you can mix and match products and sizes. We will then take payment and ship your coffee start of each month, straight after it's been roasted. You can amend your subscription up to 4 days before the end of the month and cancel after 2 months. Sign-up before the 15th of the month for immediate shipment, or after the 15th for delivery at the start of the following month.

There are no hidden contracts or additional costs. This is win-win!


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