Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

If you've not tried our whisky barrel aged coffee yet you are missing out. 

For those who’ve not yet seen it, we were inspired by the growing popularity of barrel aged coffee in America so decided to bring this concept to the UK. We’ve combined two excellent products to make something even greater than the sum of their parts, and it has been a really enjoyable voyage of discovery.

bourbon barrel aged coffee

To make this coffee we age green Brazilian Arabica beans for four weeks in an emptied bourbon barrel used by the East London Liquor Company to make their London Rye Whiskey.

Sealing coffee beans inside the freshly used barrel infuses them with an incredibly intense whiskey aroma. Anyone who has tried a good bourbon or rye whiskey will know exactly how amazing this smell is! The seasoned oak also adds further complexity.

Once the beans have absorbed these aromas we lightly roast them to best develop the flavour of the coffee. We experimented with different roasting profiles and settled on a lighter roast than our other blends. The finished coffee has real moreish sweetness, with caramel and browned butter notes.

bourbon aged coffee beans

For the time-being this product is only available in whole bean form, as this is the best way to preserve the complex taste for you to enjoy. If you were ever looking for a reason to invest in a coffee grinder, then this might well be it!

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