Add 3 Days Onto Your Year

Setting an alarm is not just a necessity to getting up on time. It is a goal you have set yourself.

“Tomorrow, I’m going to get up at 7.30am”
When you hit snooze, you’re essentially hitting pause on your day.
What hitting snooze is saying internally is that 9 minutes longer in bed is more important than getting up and getting on with your day.
If you hit snooze twice every working day - Monday - Friday for a year (52 weeks).
That equates to 78hours or 3.25 days over the year. Time that you are putting off moving towards your goals.
Sleep is super important and the sooner you realise this the better.
Get to bed at a decent time, aim for 7-9 hours of sleep, and getting up is easy!
If you wake up before your alarm, it won't even bother you because you’re waking up naturally!
Get yourself an alarm that is going to wake you up at your lightest over a half hour period rather than a set time (I use sleep cycle)
Have a morning routine and nail it every day.
Stop hitting snooze and enjoy the extra 3 days a year 💃
Ps. Having a good coffee to look forward to every morning also helps… hint hint 😉
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