Maximum Charge - World's Strongest Coffee


"Most work in the world is done by people who didn't want to get out of bed that morning" Anon

If you struggle for motivation, are the kind of person who burns the candle at both ends, or are just someone who doesn't do things in half measures - we have the coffee for you.

Maximum Charge is the strongest coffee available anywhere. It contains significantly more caffeine than other brands claiming to be the 'World's Strongest'. 

The difference between Maximum Charge and other strong coffees is its great flavour. It is made from single-origin speciality grade robusta beans from Rwanda; medium roasted in small batches. Other brands use cheap Vietnamese beans, roasted dark for a horrible, bitter taste.  

You can expect a smooth taste with hints of dark chocolate and malt. It's low in acidity, making it perfect for bulletproof coffee and gentle on your stomach.

Not convinced? Read the reviews below.

Rwandan robusta (fully washed) - 100%

This is our strongest and most caffeinated coffee. It has been lab tested and contains well over double the caffeine of regular coffees. 25g of ground coffee brewed with 250ml of water yields over 400mg of caffeine. We do not recommend drinking more than 2 cups per day. 

Which Grind?
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What if I don't find it strong?
Because this is a medium roast, people who are used to burnt & bitter dark roast coffee can be suprised by the subtle taste. But trust us, Maximum Charge packs a punch.