Cafflano Kompresso - With Free Coffee

Make barista quality espresso anywhere!

The Cafflano® Kompresso is a fantastic compact and light-weight authentic espresso maker that allows you to make proper espresso wherever you are. There are lots of more expensive gadgets out there which just disappoint. Trust us when we tell you this is the real deal! 

The Kompresso has a unique hydraulic compression design where the user simultaneously presses & squeezes to deliver over 9 bar of pressure. This is known to be the magic number for extracting espresso. The chamber is made of a special thermoplastic that can withstand temperatures of 200°C and guarantees 20,000 hours of use. This is a seriously well-made bit of kit and well worth the price.

With a weight of only 200g you can take it with you and make authentic espresso wherever you are. It is very easy to use, does not require disposable paper filters, and is really quick to clean.  

Order the Cafflano® Kompresso and you will receive a FREE bag of Cannonball Coffee and FREE shipping
Recommended Grind: Fine