Our Story

We launched Cannonball Coffee in March 2018 because we were fed up of being unable to find a coffee with the seemingly elusive combination of high strength and great taste.

The Cannonball name is a nod to the fact the man behind the brand, Duncan, spent 8 years in the Royal Artillery. A coffee obsessive, he would shun the instant coffee on offer and instead be "that guy" grinding his own beans, or making coffee with a moka pot out the back of his armoured vehicle. Learning about and experimenting with different types of beans, grinds and brewing methods evolved into roasting and soon developed into an obsession.

Duncan teamed up with his brother Rob, an RAF pilot, and Ben who runs Beanpress Roasters in neighbouring Dorest. Together we've developed a unique blend of single-origin beans that's strong, high in caffeine, and tastes amazing.

Our mission is to help others discover that strong coffee can taste great. We want you to appreciate the joy of being able to make a quality cup in any environment and no longer settle for bad coffee on your commute, in your workplace or when travelling. That’s why as well as our coffee, we’ve put together a selection of brilliant coffee-making gadgets and provided you with guides on how to use them. We want to demystify the shroud of pretentiousness that surrounds coffee, help you learn more and answer your questions in a non-patronising way.

We are passionate about just how good high quality, freshly roasted beans taste and want people to share this experience. Lots of commercial coffees consist of poor quality beans, over-roasted to mask imperfections and then left in packages for months where the taste deteriorates. Cannonball Coffee takes high grade beans and uses a medium roast to bring out the many complex flavours. We hand roast in small batches to ensure the coffee you receive is as fresh as possible. We're confident that when you try our fresh coffee for the first time you'll be converted.  

As well as enjoying coffee for its taste, we firmly believe the caffeine it contains helps us get things done. Coffee can help fuel active lifestyles and can help you train and work harder. Our high caffeine coffees make a great pre-workout drink and help get you through busy days. But don’t worry, if high caffeine isn’t your thing we have a mellower blend too!

But above all our goal is to help you enjoy better coffee and stop settling for less!