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Own The Day Bundle

Own The Day Bundle

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Beans or ground?

Two products that pack a powerful punch - combined to save you money.

👉 250g of Max Charge coffee and a bag of our Exceed nootropic 

💥 Kick-start your day with our caffeine-packed & smooth tasting Maximum Charge. Turbocharge the coffee with a spoon of our brain-boosting Nootropic complex.

🌱 Made from natural plant-based ingredients proven to improve cognitive function. This combo will get you firing on all cylinders.  


Customer Reviews

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Brain & Body food

I was skeptical at first (not of Cannonball as a brand) but of the benefits of Nootropics. Placebo? If it is... For what it costs per day... I'm happy happy happy ☺️

Along with the coffee, I Belive its what gives me a pep in my step and an obvious optermistic attitude.
I work nights (post midnight starts) and my cheery outlook and enthusiasm at work has been noted and commented on several occasions.

I put this down to the own the day bundle.

I tried very similar ingredients in capsule form via amazon.... Definately not in the same league as Exceed... No relentless forward progression from them. Plenty from Exceed.

The own the day combination gives me the clarity of ming and enthusiasm to Own The Night.
I've even started taking it with me on multiday hikes.

The Exceed, very mildly alter the taste of the coffee, but not in a negative way. Just be sure to give it a good whisk /energetic stir.
Great value and great service.... Go on... Don't just Own the day, Exceed within it 👍

Mathew Worrall
My new daily routine

Love this bundle. I’m thick as shit so the nootropics get me up to the average intelligence and the coffee gets me going!

What’s not to love?

Adele Nicoll

I have tried a few coffees this 1 is very pleasant will be buying again

Chris Stewart

Starting the day right. Cannonball coffee (black of course) with my nootropic complex 😉

Barry D.

Tastes great love it, I have it most mornings before my cycle to work

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