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Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee: The secret ingredient to your health


In the UK, it’s estimated that Britons drink around 95 million cups of coffee a day. We know the usual grind (no pun intended) of daily life puts most of these 95 million drinking decisions in a bind - sacrificing taste, flavour and health benefits for convenience. The result is that most of the time, we’re drinking coffee that is over-caffeinated, offers little to no health benefit and just doesn’t taste that great.


We wanted to change that at Cannonball by not only making products that are convenient (have you tried our coffee bags??) but make products that are also naturally good for you. By really focussing on quality produce right from the start, we’ve created coffee that not only tastes great, it has a natural level of caffeine along with tangible health benefits.


The basic fact is coffee is often overlooked when it comes to benefitting people's health. We're surrounded by coffee that is mass-produced and often only there to provide a warm coffee-like taste. Of course, if using the right coffee, the health benefits can be huge. Not only does it taste great, it's actively good for you. We’ve put together 5 big health benefits you get when using our coffee. We’re not saying we’re the only guys in town making coffee that’s good for you - but we’re a good place to start!




You might not think so, but drinking up to three or four cups of coffee a day can significantly decrease your risk of developing type two diabetes and heart disease. This study from the British Medical Journal found drinking three cups of coffee a day to be associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease, and strokes, when compared with not drinking coffee. Consumption at this level was also associated with a 19% lower risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease. Coffee like ours is also particularly rich in powerful antioxidants; including hydrocinnamic acids and polyphenols. These antioxidants are very effective at neutralising preventing oxidative stress, as well as protecting against heart disease.




This is one of the big ones for us at Cannonball. Not only does it make your heart healthier, good coffee makes your heart stronger, helping you to boost your cardiovascular response. In an experiment performed by the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical college, subjects had a strong dose of caffeine and completed a 15 minute steady-state cycling exercise along with a max effort to gauge their output.  After having had the right caffeine intake, their pulse rates actually decreased during the steady-state exercise and only increased slightly during the main effort. Result!




It may be an old cliche, but the image of runway models surviving off coffee and cigarettes to keep thin kind of rings true. We definitely don’t advocate that kind of lifestyle choice, but what the models seemed to latch onto were weight loss benefits hidden within their coffee. The secret ingredient here is Caffeine, which is actually found in almost every fat-burning supplement. It can increase the amount of calories your body burns by up to 11% and also increases your body’s ability to burn fat as well as those calories.


But hold on, aren’t all of these benefits just here because of caffeine? Why don’t I just take caffeine tablets and not coffee?




In this study (elegantly titled The Metabolic and Performance Effects of Caffeine Compared to Coffee during Endurance Exercise) scientists examined whether there was any difference between ‘vehicles for caffeine ingestion’. Basically did it matter whether it was a tablet or a cup of coffee. And again, it seemed as though the boffins chose the bike as the test of choice. They found that performance times during a cycling Time Trial were significantly faster for both caffeine and coffee when compared to placebo and decaf coffee. (The caffeine dose used was 5mg per KG of bodyweight).




Lastly, good coffee helps you to be smarter - for real. Caffeine blocks something called an inhibitory neurotransmitter in your brain. The result is increased firing of neurons and an activation of the old grey matter! This makes you feel more alert and also improves reaction time.



So now we know that great, naturally sourced coffee has just the right antioxidants and caffeine to help our brains, hearts and bodies to stay healthy, productive and powerful.


We’ve got products ranging from our coffee bags, to ground and whole beans that we can send right to your door. Not only do all of these products offer something for everyone, we’ve made this coffee specifically to promote the health benefits that come from quality products, made to produce just the right amount of caffeine (and other stuff) your body needs to stay fit and healthy.


So the next time you’re bleary-eyed, looking for that morning cup of coffee - maybe give the mass-produced stuff a mix and chance your arm at something new.


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The Cannonball Team.

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